Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for the Historical Fiction Novel: Sonnets in Waking Moments

Join Us for a Virtual Book Tour Celebration

Welcome to the virtual book tour. I am excited to have you with me on this Virtual Book Tour Celebration for the historical fiction novel Sonnets In Waking Moments.

Virtual Book Tour ad for Joszann jpegFollow Anna Agnelli as she experiences life, with all its twists and turns during The Great Depression. Are there lessons we can learn from the experiences of the characters in Sonnets as we face these challenging economic times? Join us as we explore this and my writing journey. Discover fifteen (15) blogs and new audiences.

Scroll down and click on the post titles to join us on the tour. We would love to hear from you as we go along our journey, so do leave a comment at each stop.

​Consider picking up your copy of this relevant and intriguing historical fiction novel today!

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Day 1  Joszann We’re off!! WoundedBirdNonMore

Day 2  Lillian Brummet:   World of Writing. Brummet’s Conscious Blog – Interview

Day 3  David Roberts:  CaribDirect.com – Blog Post

Day 4 Sherrie Wilkolaski (Pubsmart): Interview and Book Feature

Day 5 Giftus John: Ma William and Her Circle of Friends – Women’s Perspective During the Twentieth Century

Day 6  Linda Leon:  Author’s Watch – Book Feature

Day 7  Mirella Patzer: HistoricalBookReview – Book Excerpt

Day 8 Eunice Nisbett:  Savvy BestSellers.com – Interview

Day 9  Xlibris Publishing – Interview

Day 10  Lexi: BookBliss.com – Elements of Historical Fiction

HASI button

Click image tor Highlighted Authors Special Interest Feature

Day 11  Jewels Muller: ChicksConnect.com

Day 12 Charlene Wilson: Highlighted Authors – Highlighted Author Special Interest

Day 13  Connie Dunn: Publish with Connie – Why I Write

Day 14  Caribbean Literary Salon: On Publishing. (This is an online author’s network, where I shared my thoughts on publishing, with Caribbean authors. Read an excerpt of the article.)

Day 15 D’vorah Lansky – My Books Would Sell Themselves – Or So I Thought


What can we learn from the The Great Depression? I found this YouTube Video interesting:  Saving Buck During the Great Depression 


Great Depression Trivia

How much do you know about The Great Depression?  

Come on! Test your knowledge.

Then come back here and leave a comment on how well you did.

Have fun!








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