Prince Edward Island! One of my favorite places.P.E.I. reminds me of Dominica.The people are very welcoming and friendly.The pace of life is like most islands.Although part of Canada,Prince Edward Island is unique.I feel most at home on the beaches there.Agriculture and tourism are mainstays of P.E.I.’s economy.Almost everyone has a backyard garden.I have sampled many kitchen gardens in my time on the island .In my first book,’wounded Bird No More’, I penned a poem dedicated to Prince Edward Island.

One of my favorite parks in Toronto is the Weston Lions Park.Just beautiful!I intend to take some photos and post them soon.The park landscape is gorgeous.Grass,shrubbery,and the natural vegetation is so inviting and relaxing. Different species of birds,call the park home.I think it’s the credit river that runs through the park.I like to sit and throw twigs in the river.The lull of the river is indeed soothing and relaxing. So many different trails and bike paths.The park stretches into Etobicoke.

Weston Lions Park

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