Purity of thought!


When you think you’ve seen it all, know that you’ve barely scratched the surface of the deep. There are depths and dimensions to living. Ever continuous widening circles of existence, as we discover ourselves and the world we inhabit. How do we know there is more? Maybe it is a frisson of awareness. Perhaps it could have been a word we heard, which got us to thinking, stirring up our keen sense of exploration. If you are not careful, books can do that to you as well. Creating, a hunger to know, to at least understand, ideas and thoughts, as they come rushing through one’s consciousness. More alarming too, are profound conversations, lifting us to heights of grandeur. As we pause in awestruck wonder. How do you know, what you know? Has it been whispered to you, carried on the edge of the wind? Awareness, likes to creep  in the stillness of minds. Suddenly it’s there, the knowing, and you ask yourself. How I didn’t see that before, or why did I not think of that? 🙂

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