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I started WoundedBirdNoMore.com after I published my first book of the same name. Founded primarily to share my message of redemption, Wounded Bird No More continues to evolve, as I develop as a writer. My greatest joy is in empowering, and motivating others to live authentic lives of purpose. I believe we add value to the world by sharing with others.

Divorce is one of the more unpleasant realities of contemporary society, and going through the process has changed the trajectory of my life. Ultimately a trans-formative and empowering experience, it was at this juncture in my life, that I began looking to God for direction and assurance. In essence, I found my long lost voice, and  became liberated.

Spiritual awareness has done for me what I could never accomplish on my own. As a woman going through struggles, one’s focus quickly changes. Some things take precedence over others, while the rest become insignificant. I’ve shared with many women who’ve undergone similar experiences and my work is about giving their stories a voice. I write across many genres, so there is something for everyone. My writings include Biblical teaching, and scripture devotionals, poetry, stories and essays. I believe in pulling others up, when we overcome, we are to reach back for an outstretched hand. A famous sentiment, “no one is an island,” by John Donne is one of my favorite quotes. Someone is always waiting on our kindness. 

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Most of us, have lost touch with divinity, it was my painful experiences that put me on the path to finding God. I often wonder what would happen collectively, if we embraced the laws of the spirit as a daily measure for our lives. My ultimate goal is to work with more prominent organizations, and other individuals, as we transform society, and women, to become all that they can be. Some of us need the confidence to birth our long held dreams and desires. When society is happy and productive we all benefit.

As a self published author, it has been challenging to establish myself as a legitimate writer. I am very appreciative of all the doors that have been opened to me thus far. To my audience and the people who support me as I go forward thank you so much.

God’s richest blessings to every one of you!

Joszann St. John



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